Love in the Village EP

by Milk

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"To Sleep On"

All those cars you dreamt of crashing
All the loots you dreamt of ridding
Aged men tell you otherwise
Mother knows these dreams are lucid
'Cause I'm a cynic now, and this is hardly a bed to sleep on

"Should It Happen"

Never thought I'd fall with one hit. Saw the realm in your brows as I put you in my truck. Always knew I'd do this again. Saw the lies in your eyes as you bit me several times. Mum's afraid of thrilling doubts. I hate kids, but I love kids. Never wondered why you did stay. I'm not red to your lips. Nor the flesh to your bones. Always knew I'd do this again. We're a cradle of sin, but this shit always happens. Siren's blind. A change in plans. You're my love. Stolen love. Run for your life through the woods. Cradle of Filth in my head. Remember your hood. Rides to school. A palm to your mouth. Draw your fists

"The Only Thing Bitter Left"

Hone your craft, and trade your goods for the fitting green you crave. Make it so you won't have to not love your everyday sits and stands. I have spent my days in the dark with arms stretched in every direction, but once I know does it matter how I plan to make it out? Are you able? Are you able to do the things I can't? Yes, I think you are. Take it black so it's the only thing bitter left. And I do listen while the will of the world says to work it off. Just work it off. Just work it off. Hone your craft and trade your goods for the fitting bliss you need. Harbor it well and keep to yourself until you are dead. I have spent my days in the dark with arms stretched in every direction, but once I know does it matter how I plan to make it out? Go and spend your days in the dark with arms stretched in every direction, but once you know does it matter how you plan to stay inside?

"The Wolves Have Gone"

Hold my drink, or set it down if you will. Hear them roar. So put me down or I will. Lose me faced down pushing further. Hold it still 'cause these waters don't mix well. I belong with the wolves now, but the wolves now have gone. Charred but grown. An easy burn to the film. To black & white, but not when I'm with you. Cryptic as the walls near. The eight will bleed into nine. Saw the hairs brush the skin. I'm pushing you out of the line. I belong with the wolves now, but the wolves now have gone.

"Love in the Village"

Somewhere over the hilltops, and somewhere over your knees. The grass is greener at home, but actually how would I know? 'Cause I've never loved Imperial Valley people. As much as I compare these qualities, they all end up meaning the same thing. I'm a worthless hound trapped in a forest dome. And home is nowhere to be found, 'cause home is what you make it. I've molded beds into people, as well as desks and other things. These traveling couches beside me and photographs behind me.. begin to sink without remorse. The government evicts my home. At least that's what I want to hear. At least that's what I'd rather hear.

"The Battle of Sleeping Tonics"

Warmth is a gift that I found but it's shot me up the richter scale! I'm a quake, and awake as can be tonight. And I'm shuffling at Ikea with the same socks I've been wearing all week! Now give me a towel or something to wipe the sweat off my forehead 'cause my thoughts, they uppercut my chin in the final round. And the gamblers, they cheer. The gamblers cheer at my concussion while you watch from the tube as I lay bleeding profusely. While you watch from the tube! There's nothing else to do but stare at the plastic wrapped items thinking, "which to get!?". God, don't you hate that feeling, 'cause I know I do and it's the worst it's ever been this time. And while you drown your face in my pillows, I start to think about irrelevant things.. Like sodas on my desktop, or the books that I wish I read.. and my friends that will soon be gone.

"Eating A Shadow"

Your sister is lovely. She struggles for somebody. You keep her behind you. Momentary cash deposit. Slow findings are burdens. Configurations almost done with. She carries her books in her arms so thin, so fragile. Tranquil time is misleading. Don't get the wrong impression. I'll worry, and I'll care for you any time you're hurting.


Fueled by shaking ribs and raiding fears. A purpose lost; abridged at the back of my brain. A father of a father once itched to find a life lead. A life began behind the wheel. Asleep at last in search to find the cheapest things. Thought about buying a gun to keep the bad men away from the windows, or to make you a widow. This love is like a gaping hole. Push it down to keep me breathing. So don't you change your mind. So don't you change your mind. I'm on my way at higher stakes. My legs will push. My hands will shift. If I miss them, then I miss them. It sure beats missing you.


released January 1, 2010

All songs written & arranged by Mario Luna
Recorded in various bedrooms & garages throughout California
Artwork courtesy of Louise Chen (



all rights reserved


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